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SATPRO M&C TECH CO.,LTD,Website:, an international advanced VSAT manufacturer, it specializes in designing, researching,producing and selling of VSAT for vehicles, ships and airplanes. SATPRO has established a reputation in both military and civil satellite industry as a sought after satellite communication equipment supplier. Newly launched Airborne VSAT marks a breakthrough progress in aviation satellite communication field. SATPRO has expanded overseas businesses recently. Land and Maritime VSAT have been export to Germany,Holland, UAE and Southeast Asia successfully. SATPRO VSATs adopt industry leading technologies such as, GNS/INS Integrate Attitude Measurement system, conical scan peak tracking, and Carrier attitude calculating and compensation algorithm, etc.All the technologies guarantee the accurate tracking under various conditions. SATPRO VSATS are the best choice for you to keep providing reliable quality and the most stable system performance to ensure our customers the maximum experience from all of our products.
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